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Premium Wheel Polishing Services in Naples FL

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Why Choose Our
Wheel Polishing

The wheel polishing process is a comprehensive restoration method that begins with a detailed assessment of your wheels’ condition, followed by thorough cleaning and, if necessary, tire removal. It may involve surface sanding to address imperfections, after which a specialized wheel polishing compound is meticulously applied, both by machine and hand, to achieve a consistent, flawless finish. Subsequently, a finer polishing compound is used to enhance the shine and smoothness of the wheel’s surface. To safeguard the freshly polished wheels and maintain their lustrous appearance, a protective sealant or coating is often applied. The final result is wheels that not only look like new, with a glossy, mirror-like sheen but also are shielded from future corrosion, brake dust, and environmental contaminants, ultimately enhancing the overall aesthetic of your vehicle.

Protecting Wheel Metal in Naples FL

Protecting Wheel Metal in Naples FL

The purpose of a polishing wheel is to give metal a soft, smooth surface. Metal can get damaged over time, creating a jagged, rough texture. The abrasive properties of a wheel help to buff this down so it becomes smoother. This is achieved by using the wheel in combination with an abrasive compound. Choose our wheel polishing services in Naples FL to ensure your wheels maintain a smooth and pristine appearance.

Benefits of Our Wheel Polishing Services in Naples FL


Your rims protect your tires and axles from brake dust, dirt, and grime from driving. These often contain corrosive and adhesive materials. Opt for our wheel polishing services in Naples FL to protect both your rims and the rest of your car, as we expertly clean and wax your rims regularly.


You probably plated your rims with chrome because you like the look of a shiny car rim. At Naples Ceramic Coatings, our wheel polishing services in Naples FL will help your rims shine brighter. Keeping your rims clean will allow their beauty to show better and longer


As mentioned, all that gunk that can gather on your rims can be corrosive. Our wheel polishing in Naples FL will clear that corrosive material, enhancing the longevity of your chrome rims and keeping the shine longer.

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